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Custom Sentiment Pieces

Do you have heirloom jewelry, special pins, precious photos, or remembrance charms hiding away in some forgotten drawer?


Don't keep your special memories in the dark - honor them in a gorgeous custom art piece!

The below pieces feature small sentimental items provided by the client.

Contact me at and I would be honored to create a unique piece to display your cherished little things :)

Ring, cradled by a bed of lace and moss in a seed pod.

Jiminy Cricket's badge, displayed between harmonica reeds and ribbon suspenders in a pinecone ring.

This client's father passed away at a young age, so this piece features an edited photo of them together as adults, framed by a golden wreath of grasses and peppers.

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Framed wedding invitation, complimented by pressed baby's breath, fern, and speedwell flowers.


Disney pin collection, playfully complemented by charms & found items

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