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ahribelle, erin lee bender, singer, versatile singer, erin bender


multi-genre soprano vocalist

training & performance experience in
written & aural tradition musical genres

classical ~ choral ~ musical theatre
jazz ~ soul ~ pop ~ folk ~ experimental


Don't Know Why
Norah Jones
Seth Finch Trio, Chorum Hall

Sarah's Lullaby
Seth Finch
Seth Finch Trio, Chorum Hall

I'd Give My Life for You (from Miss Saigon)
Schonberg & Boublil

I Read (from Passion)
Stephen Sondheim

Shrek is Love
Carrollton Station

The Advent Prose
Richard Floyd
Duke University Chapel Evensong Choir

When Silent Night
Sergei Rachmaninoff
New Orleans Opera Association Guild Home

Ave Maria
Franz Schubert
Wedding Ceremony

American Boy
Estelle & Kanye West
The Joy Theatre

The Lord is Kind and Merciful
Jeanne Cotter
Wedding Ceremony

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Voice Lessons

uptown, New Orleans

What is Songbird Studio?

Songbird Studio is my home vocal studio where I offer private lessons for anyone who loves (or is intrigued by) singing.

What are some benefits of singing lessons?

Singing serves so many purposes - social, spiritual, physical, intellectual, expressive, creative.... here are just a few!


- deepening your practice of body awareness

- full-body connection & core strengthening improves cardiovascular health

- controlling the full breath cycle strengthens respiratory system and improves blood flow



- develop inner journey of your relationship with music, the creative arts, and your unique expressive voice

- intellectual exploration of anatomy, music theory, stylizations, lyricism, history, psychology and more

- boost self-confidence and joyful stage presence


- cultural appreciation when studying a particular genre/style

- sense of belonging & mutual support in local music scenes

- learn about different types of musical relationships and group cohesion

What is your teaching style?

I take a holistic approach to truly versatile singing - focusing on objective and subjective truths, rather than what is "right" or "wrong." I organize my teaching ideology into four core tenants:


   mental, contextual, historical elements of singing and performing


   basic music theory, resonance, timbre, listening skills


   anatomy, breath control, registers, producing consonants & vowels


   artistry, creative expression, lyricism

Within this framework, our exercises and curriculum will be completely tailored to the individual needs and interests of each student - including various combinations of breathing exercises, vocal warm-ups, physical movement, lyrical study, and song study.

I draw upon my varied experiences studying and performing in opera, musical theatre, oratorio, and jazz. I believe joyful and self-driven learning make successful and sustainable vocal study!

What experience levels do you work with?

I coach new, casual, frequent & versant singers. We can embark on an open-ended voice study journey and/or do specific work like audition preparation, stage work, and workshop recording sessions.

How do scheduling and pricing work?

We'll start with a half-price trial lesson to discuss your interests and hear your voice. After that, my rate is $60 per hour-long lesson, and I offer sliding scale options.

Email me at to schedule your trial lesson! I look forward to working collaboratively to find your true voice!

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