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silly, classy, down-to-earth art
versatile soubrette vocal performance
brain systems science perspective

muse  /myooz/ .noun.
~ancient Greek mythology~
inspiration goddess of the arts & sciences

    Lovely Creature is an art brand and digital collection of Ahribelle's meditations on Organic Design. With expertise in neuroscience, vocal performance, and craftsmanship, Ahribelle journeys through creative projects using her uniquely diverse skill sets in the arts & sciences.

With an eye for form and composition, Ahribelle collects various doo-dads and gizmos, including interesting grasses, stones, flowers, insects, textiles, recycled electronics, beads, charms, and antique trinkets. She loves to forage around New Orleans and study the local flora as part of her Druid (Celtic Pagan practice) curriculum on ecological awareness. She then preserves the natural elements, sorts everything by size and shape, and makes 2D and 3D visual art which often juxtapose organic and human-made everyday objects.
Ahribelle also studies the intersection of organic and human-made art as a singer of many styles. She is currently interested in the physical basis of timbre and intonation, which she explores through overtone singing, original music, and performances in various settings across the Greater New Orleans area. As a lifelong performing vocalist with formal training in multiple musical traditions, she loves to connect with other singers to discuss their musical background, formal and informal training, and artistry. These experiences and interviews will inform a larger, ongoing research project on bridging terminology and wisdom across vocalists in Written vs. Aural Musical Traditions.

This love for research has been largely influenced by Ahribelle's research experiences in neuroscience. Her fascination with the organic assembly of molecules and the larger human experience led her to get a degree in neuroscience, pursue a thesis on neuroimaging, and spend a few years conducting social psychoneuroimmunology research with Dr. Keely Muscatell at UNC. She has developed a curiosity for the cutting-edge research on emergent neural network properties and complex systems science. This informs her passion for the systematic study of all things interconnected, be it the brain, singers, or local flora.




    On any given day, you can find Ahribelle preserving grasses from her neighborhood, reading the latest scientific article on emergent properties, crafting a sculpture or contraption, or singing on a local stage. She releases new art, writing and musical collections as she embarks on new projects. She decided last year to reclaim her power over the technology in her life, which currently means she cannot be found on any mainstream social media, and mental presence characterizes the quality and originality of her work. She currently works out of her New Orleans home with her similarly academic and musical partner, and she is excited to invest in bigger creative projects in the coming years, which may include any or all of: an online store, an album, an online course, a book, a PhD

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